Resin Chastity Cage With 4 Curved Rings (White)

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This White Resin Chastity Cage is available in 4 cage lengths and each device comes with all 4 different curved rings.  It is made of ultralight resin plastic, features a very sleek white finish and a secure integrated brass lock. 

  • MICRO cage is 50mm in length / 32mm in diameter 
  • SMALL cage is 60mm in length / 37mm in diameter
  • MEDIUM cage is 75mm in length / 37mm in diameter
  • LARGE cage is 85mm in length / 37mm in diameter
  • XL cage is 100mm in length / 39mm in diameter
  • each order includes 4 curved rings sized 42mm, 44mm, 48mm, and 52mm
  • each cage size sold separately