The Little Nub Chastity Cage

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The Little Nub Chastity Cage is made of stainless steel with a bolted closure.  It is very short and discreet under clothing.  This cage utilizes a manual bolt to lock the cage rather than a lock & key.  Its small size is certain to keep you or you sub secure and virtually dickless.

  • cage size is 33mm diameter x 9mm length 
  • 7mm testicle gap
  • cock ring sizes available are 40mm, 45mm, and 50mm
  • the sounding flexible tube option is 52mm x 8mm with a 3mm taper for smooth insertion 
  • the firm stainless steel tube option is 35mm x 7.5mm with a 5mm taper for smooth insertion 
  • each size and sounding option sold separately
  • comes with allan key for securing and removing the bolt lock

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